SEIE 2013



Ariprihata PSICE-based Experiments in Teaching Power Electronics DOWNLOAD
Yunus Tjandi, Dyah D.A. Diagnosing Induction Motor Fault By Using Intelligent Software DOWNLOAD
M Khairudin, Zamtinah, TH Trimaryadi Real Time System Identification of a Nonlinear Two - Link Flexible Robot Manipulator DOWNLOAD
M. Rodhi Faiz Design of Grid-Tie Inverter with Anti Islanding System DOWNLOAD
Syafriyudin, A.A.P., Susatriawan, Mursid Sabdullah Development of Clinical Decision Support System Prototype for Diagnosing and Management Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever DOWNLOAD
Sujito Simulation on Robot Control to Move Drink Bottle Using Programmable Logic Controller DOWNLOAD
M. Donny Koerniawan, Weijun Gao The Relation of Outdoor Environment and Effectively Energy Use in Building DOWNLOAD
Aulia el Hakim Goalkeeper Robot Soccer Optimazation Using Takagi-Sugeno FIS Method DOWNLOAD
Didik Nurhadi Implementation of Collaborative Learning Model With Industries To Improve Students Competency Quality Of The Vocational Education In Isolated Area DOWNLOAD
Sapto Haryoko, Lu'mu, Hendra Jaya Integrating Virtual Laboratory From Conventional Lab Into Vocation High School To Facilitate Practicum Activity DOWNLOAD
Puger H.P. The Appiclation of Spoken Test In The Learning Evaluation DOWNLOAD
Riana T.Mangesa, Dyah Darma Andayani Implementation of Technology as A Media With Character Education Integration On Teaching Skill In Vocational High School DOWNLOAD
Ahmad Mursyidun Nidhom The Realation Readiness of Learning, The Long of Learning, The Suitable of Place and The Participation of Workstation With The Result of Apprenticeship Competency Skills of TKJ Students at SMK Batu City DOWNLOAD
Tri Atmadji Sutikno Building Cooperation Between Vocational High School and Industry for Suitability of Graduates Competence DOWNLOAD
Setiadi Cahyono The Role of Leadership In Education Policy to Improve Quality of Vocational Education Indonesia In The Future DOWNLOAD
Hary Suswanto Developing a Model of A Comptency and Students Computer Network International Certification Test for Vocational High Schools DOWNLOAD
Imam Sutrisno, Mohammad Abu Jami'in, Jinglu Hu An Improved Fuzzy Switching Adaptive Controller for Nonlinear Systems Based on Quasi-ARX Neural Network DOWNLOAD
Y o t o Industrial Society Participation On Vocational High School Quality Improvement With "Cooperative Education Class" Model DOWNLOAD
Ngo Truong Giang,Nguyen Trong The, Ngo Quoc Tao An Effective Shape Matching Approach Based on Skeleton Graph DOWNLOAD
Ahmad Fahmi, Fitriana S., Wijono Timer & Dimmer as an Electrical Energy Saver for Public Street Lighting DOWNLOAD
Yuni Rahmawati Correlation Of New Student Path Selection To Student Achievement DOWNLOAD
Fx Budi Rahardjo Ki Hajar Dewantoro And Indonesia Competence Teacher DOWNLOAD


Ali Mohamed Abulgasim Abusbaiha How to Avoid Dangling Node in Pagerank Computation DOWNLOAD
Andy Rahman, Siti Rochimah, Dwi Sunaryono Optimization Comment And Function Detection On Open Source Programming Language Using Regex DOWNLOAD
Anik Nur Handayani, Kohei Arai Predicting Quality of Answer in Collaborative Q/A Community DOWNLOAD
Arif Muntasa Line Detection MOdel and Adaptive Threshold Based Image Segmentation For Handwriting Word Recognition DOWNLOAD
Efrita Arfah Zuliari One Day Ahead Load Forecasting Using Recurrent Neural Network DOWNLOAD
Hermawan, Hamdi Mubarok, Firdaus Solihin, Mulaab Infrastructure As A Service In Cloud Computing For Education Community Use Proxmox DOWNLOAD
M. Irfan, Lailis Syafa'ah, Machmud Effendy Design And Implementation Of VPN-MPLS (Virtual Private Network - Multi Protocol Label Switching) Topology Model On IP (Internet Protocol) DOWNLOAD
Muhammad Rusli, I Wayan Ardhana, I Nyoman Sudana, Waras Kamdi The Effect of Type Visualizing--on the Presentation Strategy of the Computer-Based Multimedia Learning-- and the Learning Style toward the Student's Ability in Applying Concept and Procedure of Object-Oriented Modelling DOWNLOAD
M.Zainal Arifin, Antonius Duty Susilo eMarketing Strategy in Property Business DOWNLOAD
Setiawardhana, Sigit Wasista, maria Margaretha Object Detection Using Viola Jones And Template Matching Based On Stereo Camera DOWNLOAD
Sigit Wasista, Setiawardhana, Afrischa Oktavia Human Facial Expression Detection System Using PCA and SVM DOWNLOAD
Siti Sendari, Kotaro Hirasawa Improving Perfomance of Genetic Network Programming Using Multi-Stage Reinforcement Learning DOWNLOAD
Suharyanto, Rizka Humardewayanti A, Luthfan Lazuardi Development of Clinical Decision Support System Prototypefor Diagnosing and Management Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever DOWNLOAD
Trong-The Nguyen, Chin-Shiuh Shich, Mong-Fong Horng Prolonging the Network Lifetime in WSN using Fuzzy Clustering Topology DOWNLOAD
Ely Setyo Astuti, Dwi Puspitasari, Ariadi Retno Tri H R Designing and Building An Application Configuration of Open DHCP Server and Proxy based on Client Server DOWNLOAD
Triyanna Widiyaningtyas Development of Web-Based Module on Database Subject DOWNLOAD
Antonius Duty Susilo, M. Zainal Arifin Social Media's Effect on Student Learning DOWNLOAD
Bernardus Sentot Wijanarka, Sunaryo Sunarto, Khairudin, Dewi Eka Murniati, Denies Prihantinah Supoorting and Inhibiting Factors for The Application of Blended Learning for Professional Vocational Teacher Education in Indonesia DOWNLOAD
Mila Mumpuni Blended Learning-Based Training for Expenditure Treasurers DOWNLOAD
Nainus Aulia Izza, Syifaul Fuada "DIGISTORY" History Books For Indonesia Future DOWNLOAD
Hakkun Elmunsyah A Study of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Vocational High School (VHS) are Synergetic Against the National Education Policy DOWNLOAD
Iwan Senjoya, Rizkhita Aswinda Putri Implementation of Edugame to Support Developing Multiple Intelligence of Early Childhood DOWNLOAD
Azhar Ahmad Smaragdina, Waras, Slamet Wibawanto Development of a Blended Learning Model for Apprenticeship Vocational Students of Class XI in Web Programming Subjects DOWNLOAD
Abdalhakim A.M. Damegi A Network Security for E-Commerce DOWNLOAD
Asghaiyer Mohamed Asghaiyer Internet Safety for Children in Libya DOWNLOAD
Mohamed Saad A Sawa Developing Knowledge Base System Based on PHP DOWNLOAD
Faizatul Amalia, S.Pd., M.Pd. The Impact of Constructivist Approach And Learning Motivation Towards Problem Solving Comptency And Mastery Concept of Basic Programming Competency In SMK 6 Malang DOWNLOAD
Dewi Yanti Liliana, Indri Neforawati Automatic Recognition of Rupiah Currency using Naive Bayes Classifier DOWNLOAD
Hasanah Multimedia Based Learning Entrepreneurship In Vocational High School (SMK)DOWNLOAD
I Made Wirawan Video Content Analysis with Machine Learning on The Learning MediaDOWNLOAD
Utomo Pujianto Using Cosine Similarity For Determining The Inversed Document Frequency Value of Newly Added Documents DOWNLOAD