Proceeding of CEIE 2015

The following list is papers that will be included in proceeding of International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Informatics, and Its Education 2015. Some paper still in confirmation and editing phase, to all of author which not include in the list, please contact the committee.

p-ISSN : 2461-0364
e-ISSN : 2461-1328

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2. Table of Content PDF Download

A : Education
No. Name Title Action
1. Yuni Rahmawati Development Of Inverter Trainer With Frequency Regulator To Improve Student Competence On Power Plant Subject Download
2. Yoto Management Course at The Mechanical Engineering Department Faculty of Engineering State University of Malang Download
3. Setiadi Cahyono Putro Online Learning of Fundamental Control System Download
4. Triyanna Widyaningtyas Development of Web-based Database Learning Media Download
5. Tri Atmadji Sutikno Perception of Teachers About 2013 Curriculum Management at The Vocational High School in East Java Province Download
6. Husnul Rahmawati Sakinnah Classification of Metacognitive into Two Catagories to Support the Learning Process (Case Study : SMKN 2 Singosari, Malang) Download
7. Riana Nurmalasari Talent Scouting Program For Student’ Perceptions On Vocational High School Download
8. Hakkun Elmunsyah Studies Ict Laboratory Management Of Vocational Education Of Computer Network Engineering (CNE) Skills Download
9. Didik Dwi Prasetya Interactive Mobile Learning for Self-Learning of Vocational High School Download
10. Hary Suswanto The Contribution of Management Prakerin, the Management UKK, and The Competence Of The Student against Absorption of Graduates in the Partnership Process on Skills Program Architecture Engineering of SMK Negeri 6 Malang Download
11. Widiyanti Actualization of Dual Education System For Career Guidance In Vocational High School Download

B : Electrical
No. Name Title Action
1. Ratna Ika Putri Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Perturb & Observe Method For Photovoltaic System Based On Microcontroller Download
2. Tibyani TIBYANI Improving Accuracy and Efficiency of Spin-Image Algorithm using Interest Points Detection for 3-D Surface Registration Download
3. Yousef Abuseta The Impact of Architectural Styles on Self Adaptive Systems Engineering Download
4. Syafriyudin Increasing Seed Production Capacity Chrysan Flowers With Light Ultraviolet Irradiation Method Download
5. Siti Sendari Trainer Development Of Portable Solar Cell Using Dynamic Rotation With Microcontroller Download
6. Dhendik Dwi Prasetyo Keyboard-Gen to Produce Electrical Energy using Macro Fibre Composite(MFC) Download
7. Hasti Afianti Management Strategy of Hybrid Microgrid to Reduce Multiple Conversion Download
8. Era Budi Prayekti The Analysis of Electrical Properties in Soybean Seed Variety Using Color Sensor Download
9. Yuki Nishiya Study on Voltage Controls of Solid State Transformer Download
10. M. Rodhi Faiz Quality Improvement In Inverter Voltage With Increasing Frequency Switching Download
11. Irawan Dwi Wahyono Optimization Bandwidth and Delay for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) in Protocol Service Discovery Download
12. Andi Chairunnas Control system through android applications on robot vision detection of color using microcontroller Download
13. Akhmad Hendriawan Control System In Balance System Uni wheel mobile robot using PID-Fuzzy Download
14. Tibyani TIBYANI Corner Detection Algorithms in Text of Natural Scene Images Download
15. Sugiono The Use of Solar Reflector for Heating Up The Air Collumn in Cyclone Wind Turbine as Low Capacity Electrical Generator Download
16. Aripriharta Fuzzy Shortest Path for Solving Link Failure Problem in Body Area Network Download
17. Eka Prasetyono Implementation of Parallel Boost for Hybrid Battery Charging with Load Sharing Algorithm Based on P&O MPPT and Fuzzy Logic Control Download

C : Informatics
No. Name Title Action
1. Reynaldo Joshua Salaki Decision Support Systems Major SelectionVocational High School In Using Fuzzy Logic Android Based Download
2. Muhamad Arifin Academic Information System Design For Vocational High School In Web-Based 2013 Curriculum Download
3. Bety Etikasari The Design Of Learning Style Decision Support System Using Fuzzy Logic Download
4. Iwan Sonjaya Making of the Animated Movie "Pangeran Diponegoro" With Stop Motion Techniques to Support Learning History Download
5. Entin Martiana Kusumaningtyas Implementation of Analytical Hierarchy Process for Tourism Decision Support System Download
6. Reynaldo Joshua Salaki Design Mobile Learning (M-LEARNING) Android English For Young Learners Download
7. Rudi Nurdiansyah Differential Evolution Algorithm vs Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Objective Flow Shop Scheduling Problem Download
8. Agusta Rakhmat Taufani Expert System for Diseases Detection in Canary Birds Download
9. M Zainal Arifin Impact of Irresistible Sensational Offer on Digital Marketing Download
10. Yuliana Setiowati M-Trav : Application of Tour Guide in Indonesia with RSS Services Based Mobile Download
11. Nana Ramadijanti A* Algorithm for Path Finding on General Sudirman Battle Game Based on Mobile Download
13. Reza Andrea Developing level Intelligent Agent for Battle of Etam Earth With Finite State Machine (FSM) Download
14. Asep Nurhuda Classification and Prediction Student Graduation Using C4.5 on Data Mining Students STMIK Wicida Samarind Download
15. Sefty Wijayanti Application of K -Means Clustering for Students Graduate Group Analysis Download
16. Novi Trisman Hadi Vmap (Virtual Mapping) Leap Motion-Base On Facilitating The Making Of Environmentally Green Building Design Download
17. Tita Karlita Short Message Security System on Android-Based Mobile Phone Using Hill Cipher Algorithm and Arithmetic Code Download
18. Aisyah Larasati A Perspective on Analyzing Ordinal Data using Statistics Analysis and Data Mining Techniques Download
19. Rosa Andrie Asmara Comparisons between 2D Discrete Cosine Transforms (2D DCT), 2D Discrete Fourier Transforms (2D DFT), and 2D Discrete Wavelet Transforms (2D DWT) in Digital Image Watermarking Download
20. Aditya Yudha Pratama The Development of MTOS Download
22. Anik Nur Handayani Mobile Braille Touch : Improving The Accessibility of Touchscreen-Based Mobile Devices for the Visually Impaired Person As One of Learning Media Download
23. Giri Wahyu Wiriasto LOK-Viewer :Software Application for Geomagnetic Data in Geomagnetic Lombok Observatory Download
24. Ahmad Mursyidun Nidhom EJIP as an Instructional Media for Image Processing Download
25. Kartika Candra Kirana Binary Adaptive Histogram Equalization Segmentation for Light Spot Detection in Tomato Maturity Classifications Download
26. Yonik Meilawati Yustiani Development of Information Technology of Water Quality of Urban Rivers - Case Study of Cikapundung River, Bandung, Indonesia Download
27. Aji Prasetya Wibawa A Promising Off-Grid Solar-Powered Water Pumping System for Indonesian Rural House Download
28. Wahyu Sakti Gunawan Irianto Design And Implementation Of Rpp Generator With Text Mining Method Download
29. Kartika Dewantari The Design of Online Expert System as an Alternative Guidance with the Academic Advisory Lecturer of University Students of State University of Malang Download
30. Achmad Hamdan Information Systems Appraisal Self Evaluation In College Study Program Accrediting Web-Based Download
31. Muladi Brightness Data Collection Application For Adaptive Visualization In Mobile Learning System Download

D : Mechanical
No. Name Title Action
1. Noranugerahtul Akmal Binti Abdul Malek Examination of the Catalyst Layer Forming Method of the Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell by Using the Electrostatic Spraying Deposition Method Download
2. Boldson H. Situmorang, S.Kom., MMSI The Application of Prediction of Cocoa Yields with Exponential Smoothing Method Download
3. Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra Effect Of Diameter Hole Size Main Jet On Performance And Emissions On The Use Of Fuel Liquid Petroleum Gas ( LPG ) Motorcycles Download
4. Ir. Unung Lesmanah , MT. Enhancing the Mechanical Properties of Low Carbon Steel Through Variation of Holding Times in Gas Carburizing and Quenching Media, According to AS Download